You may have been told you’re too old for Lasik, or that your vision can’t be corrected by Lasik.  But it’s time to re-visit laser vision correction because of two new advanced procedures that open up laser vision correction for just about everyone.

Wang Vision Institute is the first in Tennessee to offer new laser vision correction surgeries to more people having trouble reading or seeing at night.  These are signs of a condition called Presbyopia, and Dr. Ming Wang literally wrote the book on these break-through treatments!

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 70, you may be able to eliminate reading glasses, bifocals, and contacts SAFELY, and more cost-effectively than continuing to wear glasses and contacts.

  • 3D LASIK (18+)
  • 3D Laser Kamra (45+)
  • 3D Forever Young Lens (50+)
  • 3D Laser Cataract Surgery (60+)

Look And Feel Younger

Do away with glasses, contacts, and readers. Even if you have bifocals, these new laser vision correction surgeries may offer the solution for which you’ve been looking.

Discover the New Affordability of Laser Vision Correction

Through our exclusive offer, get a $1,200 savings voucher when you attend Dr. Ming Wang’s next laser vision correction seminar. And if you’re ready to make an appointment for an evaluation, we’ll give you a $200 savings voucher that totally eliminates the cost of the initial exam.

The Safest Procedures Available

Attend an upcoming seminar to learn more about how laser vision correction is the safest. We’re talking about your vision for the rest of your life… only trust that to the best!

What’s Next…

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